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when i logged into steam today, i saw a message under the community hub that says there are "13 new workshop items this week", but i cant find the workshop. is this just steam being buggy or is there workshop support coming soon?

I think you know the answer now :)

is it possible to make new exile dialogue by modifying the files? i dont mean just changing a text file, i mean creating a new text file with new text

You can just add a text file to that folder and then there’s a chance you’ll get that exile.

Hello! I've had some troubles figuring out how to save and load a Lobby.

After creating a lobby, I'll play for a while before exiting but when I come back, I can't find any of the Lobbies I've created before.

Is there a Save/Load button that I missed somewhere?

When you’ve created a lobby, there’s an option to load a session.