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About us.

The Genesis Project is a Unity-based game project that aims to replicate Sburb, the universe creating game as seen in the webcomic Homestuck. It’s being made by a small, independent team, and it is non-profit. As of now, we don’t take donations, since it’s not our creative IP, but we are looking for contributors. Join us in our Discord server, whether to see what we’re up to at the moment, help us with making the game a reality, or just chat.

The game itself is from a 2.5d perspective, with RPG mechanics. There’s a big focus on character customization, short play sessions that allow you to explore all options in game, and playing with others through a multiplayer system.

As of now, we’ve released a couple of early versions (going up to entry), and we’re working towards adding land exploration and classpects.

There are currently about 28 crew members, of varying involvement in the project, and over 1025 members of our Discord server.


We can be reached at