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Q: Who’s working on this project?

A: We’re a team of Homestuck fans, who want to see this project become a reality. We run the gamut from highschool students to people with professional experience in the field of games.

Q: How can I help?

A: The best help we can ask for is contributors and exposure. Tell your friends about the project, reblog anything important we post, join our Discord servers and cheer us on!

Q: Will there be god tiers?

A: Yes, excluding the Muse and Lord class. You will get a choice between picking a classpect yourself, being assigned a random one, or doing a short quiz to determine what classpect you should get.

Q: Can we donate?

A: Since we don’t own Homestuck, we can’t profit from it, so this leaves us in a tricky position when it comes to any sort of donations. In the future, we’ll have a way for you to get to know the people who are working in the project better. If you like what they’re doing, consider following their social media and streams, donating to things such as Patreon and Koffi, and other such things. The best thing you can do for someone who’s working on this project is to support them in their original endeavors.

Q: Will the Scratch/Time travel/Frog Breeding/Grimdarkness/Tricksters be in the game?

A: We’re trying to stick to canon, while keeping the game fun and feasible to release within the next decade. Some things, like aspect powers and frog breeding are an integral part of Sburb and are definitely planned. Others, like Scratching, are harder to implement and balance, so we’re not sure about them. It’s possible that we’ll manage to code it into the game and hide it somewhere before release… No promises, though.

Q: Will the game have Trolls/Prospit/Derse etc.?

A: Yes, but since the game will still make sense without them, we will not focus on it until the more vital parts of the game are done (i.e. it can be won). There is a Troll expansion planned for after we have a full release of the game ready. We don’t want to just do a player character reskin and call it a day, we want to release entire new maps, items and such. The base game is shipping with humans only.

Q: Is the game 2D/3D?

A: We have 3D enviroments and 2D sprites for the player characters. This allows us the best options for character and house customization, while retaining the original look of the webcomic.

Q: Will there be a mobile version?

A: Probably not.

Q: Wait, who are we playing as?

A: You’re playing as fully custom characters in a fully customized setting. Everything from your appearance to your house and guardians is decided by you, while titles and lands are decided by your choices in game.

Q: I want to join the crew.

A: We welcome you! We might not have a job for you right away, but join the Discord and apply to be a crew member in the #Iwannajointhecrew channel. We’ll interview you and add you to the team if we think you can be an asset to the game. Keep in mind, we already have a lot of crew members, so don’t be discouraged if we turn you down. You can always stick around the Discord and chat with us.